Alewijnse - designs and maintains installations for the industrial and maritime industry and has been in business for nearly 130 years.

About Alewijnse

Founded in 1889, Alewijnse is a multi-faceted (electrical) engineering service provider which designs and maintains installations for the industrial and maritime industry. The company consists of two parts: Alewijnse Industrial and Alewijnse Marine. Industrial specialises in bridges & locks, drinking and waste water processing and specific projects in the manufacturing industry. Marine operates worldwide, working on the new build and refit of numerous vessels, including yachts, naval and government ships, dredgers and offshore & transport vessels.

Our approach

In recent years, Alewijnse has suffered from the decline in maritime activities, resulting in significant losses since 2015. The investment by SRC will strengthen the company's financial position. In addition, SRC is introducing a new, flatter organisational structure which should improve coordination within the company and boost efficiency. By subsequently focusing on the orders which are really suited to the company, Alewijnse can present itself again as the high quality and professional service provider it always was in the past.

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