CityTec - was created in 1998 as a combination of the public lighting activities of 13 energy companies within Eneco/Stedin Group.

About CityTec

CityTec specialises in the design, construction and maintenance of public lighting, traffic and parking installations. The largest customer group consists of local government and municipalities. In 2016 Stedin Group decided that CityTec no longer fitted with their strategy, which mainly focuses on developments in the energy sector and on sustainable energy, whereas CityTec faces challenges in optimising its commercial impact in the competitive contractor market.

Our approach

Strong Root Capital acquired CityTec in 2017 and is working together with new management to implement CityTec’s strategy, which focuses on superior customer service and competitive pricing. Focused innovation, such as direct current initiatives, is also at the centre of CityTec’s strategy. The goal is to develop CityTec from a semi-public company into a competitive and market-oriented service provider.

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