Dutch Mushroom Projects (DMP) - is a specialist in the development and realisation of high-tech mushroom farms and is one of the market leaders worldwide.

About Dutch Mushroom Projects

The cultivation of mushrooms is a worldwide growth market and the demand for mushroom farms is increasing. In large parts of Asia, mushrooms are a big part of the daily meal; however, the share of cultivated mushrooms is still small and has large growth potential. In addition, with respect to solving the world food problem as 2050 approaches, the importance of cultivated mushrooms will only increase further, because mushrooms are a great source of protein.

Our approach

DMP wass one of the smaller subsidiaries of the Dalsem Group, a company focusing on the development and delivery of complete horticultural greenhouse projects in all parts of the world. Under Dalsem Group's wing, DMP has operated relatively independently since 1987. The arrival of a new owner and the new CEO now gives DMP the scope and support to grow and further expand its position as one of the market leaders. Dalsem Group and DMP will continue collaborating where possible.

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