Irmato - Founded in 2003 as a firm for secondment of engineers, Irmato developed into a multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy firm by means of a large number of acquisitions.

About Irmato

Irmato operates in different markets, such as test and measurement, semiconductors, automotive, nano-technology, food and robotics. Customers include ASML, Philips, Mars, GE and Fokker. Irmato’s aim was to create synergy between the competencies of the various acquired companies, with the goal of serving a broad market in accordance with the market trend of ‘one-stop-shop’ principles.

As it turned out, the rapid growth of Irmato created the challenge of fully integrating the different companies and achieving the targeted synergies, and without this integration it also proved difficult to position Irmato as a ‘one-stop-shop’ to the market. In 2015 Strong Root Capital partnered with Irmato to help accelerate the integration process and improve the market positioning, revenues and profits.

Our approach

When customers’ demand for a larger scale and additional competencies accelerated, Strong Root Capital and management decided to expedite the search for a strategic partner, which was found in FMI, a large group of several engineering and manufacturing companies. In 2017 FMI acquired Irmato, and together these two companies now have the scale and the combined competencies to adequately meet the market trend of consolidation and the demand for a ‘one-stop-shop’.

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